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Reopening Monday 20th April

We are announcing today that we will be fully operational on the 20th April and will resume full production and deliveries from that date.

We would ask you to forward to us at your earliest convenience your future requirements particularly for the remainder of April and equally important your May requirements to ensure we prioritise our production runs as efficient as possible to support you and your customer.

In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact Craig Chesney if you have any requests or questions.             07534 673 274    

Please keep safe.


Flowflex Components LTD

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Flowflex Operational Update – Coronavirus

We communicated to you the closure of our operation based on government guidelines and the health of our employees.

Over this period we have managed to supply emergency supplies to customers and projects around the country and continue to do so.

Since our announcement on the closure we have been preparing our manufacturing process and factory layout to ensure our staff continue to be protected to the best of our ability giving them all the tools and guidance in line with protecting themselves using government guidelines.

We are announcing today that we will be fully operational on the 20th April and will resume full production and deliveries from that date.

I would ask you to forward to us at your earliest convenience your future requirements particularly for the remainder of April and equally important your May requirements to ensure we prioritise our production runs as efficient as possible to support you and your customer.

In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests or questions.

Please keep safe.


Flowflex Components LTD

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Coronavirus | Important Announcement

Dear Customer,

In the light of these unprecedented times, we at Flowflex have been over recent weeks developing our plans to ensure we service our customers to the best of our ability.

As the only UK manufacturer, we have been inundated with requests to supply from all parts of the UK and Europe taking decisions that always prioritised our existing customer base.

It is quite unclear at the moment when we will see an end to the current isolation process and the end to this horrendous situation for us all, therefore we have taken a decision based on the health of our workforce and based on the current guidelines of isolation that we will close our operation for the next two weeks.

This decision has not been taken lightly and has also taken into consideration that a lot of customers and central feeders are not open for deliveries based on their communication to us.

We therefore feel that the two weeks will allow us to be more comfortable that our workforce are healthy and at that point we can ramp up our planned production to cater for the upsurge in business once the restriction are lifted or relaxed with the knowledge that we would face no real disruption.

I appreciate this may cause some service issues for you but it would be impossible to continue full production when the market is not operating to its full extent.

However, for instances of emergency we are quite prepared to support you and your customers. If this situation arises please contact the following.

Lisa Rawlinson     01928 620 389 / 01298 77211
Alison Keeling     01928 620 387 / 01298 77211
Craig Chesney  07534 673 274
Paul Niklas               07398 113 301

Any other questions on anything at all please contact myself or Craig 

We would ask that to aid our planning procedures that if possible, you could place orders in advance of your current requirements for the period of April and May to which you could call off at your convenience, if you decide to do this please place each order separately or if you would like to discuss this specifically please contact me directly.

Paul Niklas
Flowflex Components LTD

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Coronavirus Update

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in China and it’s recent spread to other parts of the world, Flowflex is exposed to some supply chain disruption if the spread continues.

However, as the only UK manufacturer the impact of any sourcing from China is minimal compared to those who import all fittings and we are currently working hard to minimise the risk and will ensure that customers are informed of any supply delays.

Flowflex site policy through the coronavirus outbreak is:

  1. Protect all our staff
  2. Follow government advice
  3. Safeguard the business

Government advice is clear and we should follow it where practical:

  • Distancing – keep at least 2m distance from others
  • Wash hands regularly using soap and water or appropriate hand sanitiser
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with tissues (and dispose of), or into your elbow but not your hands
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Anyone experiencing new symptoms (new continuous cough and/or high temperature) should self-isolate for 7 days

In addition, our site policy is:

  • Only business critical visitors are allowed on site
  • All visitors entering the buildings must follow our anti-infection procedures
  • No staff are to visit other business sites
  • Advise management if you see anyone on site who you think should not be here

Please contact us if you have any further concerns


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Request For Tender


Following our business decision to replace one of our Compressors which is supplying compressed air to our manufacturing operations with a more energy efficient unit, we are requesting bids for the supply and installation of replacement equipment.

We require one 75 kW variable speed Compressor and a suitable matching Air Drier to supply a minimum of 8 Bar Pressure.

Interested parties should contact Steve Millward in the first instance to organise a site visit to assess the job for the purpose of generating a quote.

Any tenders for the work subsequent to the site visit should then also be sent to Steve Millward. The decision will be made based on suitability and value for money.

Contact details are below and any enquiries related to the project should be directed to Steve Millward.

The closing date for any tenders will be Friday 20th March 2020

Steve Millward
Manufacturing Manager
07870 830 651


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Change to Overnight Carriage Charge

Due to rising costs from our freight company, we have been left with no choice but to increase our overnight service charge.

As from the 1st August 2019 it will be:

£9.00     For the 1st Box
£6.50     For each Additional Box

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause & please contact for further details regarding our carriage charges.

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Flowflex Components LTD | New Video

Find out more about Flowflex Components LTD with our brand new video which gives an insight to our heritage, capabilities and day to day operations.


Top Up Mate Launched keep your customers warm this winter!

Top Up Mate

Automatic Boiler Pressurisation


There are approximately 10 million pressurised domestic heating systems in the UK, two thirds of which suffer from pressure loss. This leads to unexpected system shut downs and ultimately an unscheduled call-out. Top Up Mate automatically prevents the system from shutting down due to low pressure ending the need for call-outs which are unnecessary and costly to both the home owner and engineers.

Fully mechanical requiring no batteries or electrical supply, Top Up Mate is supplied pre-set & factory sealed meaning it can be easily installed, with no changes to existing pipework, in under 5 minutes making it suitable for DIY installation.

Top Up Mate is WRAS approved and manufactured in the UK by Flowflex Components LTD, who helped develop the product alongside the inventor Rob Foster.


Top Up Mate is a compact device that can be fitted retrospectively to all pressurised domestic heating systems. The unit automatically restores the optimum pressure for your heating system preventing boiler shut downs. Pre-set and factory sealed the Top Up Mate is supplied ready to install to your system. Top Up Mate, which requires two filling loops, connects the mains cold water supply and the central heating return pipe.


Once installed Top Up Mate requires no operating maintenance. When the pressure drops to 0.5 bar the Top Up Mate will gently top up the heating system and automatically restore the correct operating pressure. Water regulations in some regions advise that the mains supply hose must be disconnected when the Top Up Mate is not in use.

Other Features

As well as restoring the correct operating pressure for pressurised domestic heating systems Top Up Mate has several other useful features:

Flood Protection

When connected and operating Top Up Mate will automatically isolate the mains inlet water flow if a major leak is detected.

Bleeding Radiators

When connected and operating Top Up Mate allows you to bleed every radiator in your house without disrupting the operating pressure of the heating system. As you bleed the radiators Top Up Mate will gently refill the system it also means there is no chance of over filling the system to a dangerously high pressure.


Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Flowflex would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

The offices will be closed from Friday 21st December 2018 and will reopen on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.


Product Types

Ball Valves

Ball valves, as per their name, have a hollowed ball inside and operate through a quarter turn operation.  Usually operated using a lever, the valve is open when the hole in the ball and the handle are in line with the flow, and closed when both are perpendicular. This design gives easy visual confirmation of the valve’s status.

Ball Valves are durable and perform well after many cycles of operation.  The nature of the design allows for secure closing even after long periods of disuse.  These qualities make Ball Valves an excellent choice for shutoff and isolation applications, however they can also quite easily be closed quickly and therefore pose a danger of inducing water hammer in a system.

The applications for Ball Valves are wide reaching, however care must be taken to understand the internal components. Typically the seat can restrict usage with specific mediums and fluids.

Types Of Ball Valve

Ball Valves come with a few variations. Typically these surround the design of the ball and of the body of the valve. Variations in the balls include; Full Bore, Reduced Bore, V Port and Trunnion. Furthermore, Ball Valves offer the ability to be multidirectional, known as Multiport Ball Valves.

Full Bore Ball Valves have a larger ball so that the internal diameter of the hole matches that of the pipeline resulting in lower friction loss. Consequently the Valve itself is larger.

Reduced Bore Ball Valves has a smaller ball but also a smaller internal diameter. Flow through this type of Ball Valve is therefore slightly restricted.

V Port Ball Valves have either a ‘V’ shaped ball or a ‘V’ shaped seat. This gives more control to the operator when opening and closing the valve. When the valve is closed and the operator opens the valves, the small end of the ‘V’ is opened first allowing for a linear increase in the flow during the opening process.

A Trunnion Ball Valve anchors the ball at the top and the bottom, giving a more secure fixture. This type of Ball Valve is typically used with high pressure applications and larger sizes.


Flowflex offer a range of Ball Valves. You can see the full range here.


Ball Valves should not be used to control or regulate flow as they do not provide any accuracy in performing this role.